Category: Regency period

Fashion and costumes of the English Regency period between 1795 and 1837. The transition between “Georgian” and “Victorian” eras. In France the transition from the late Directory to The Napoleonic First Empire era 1804 to 1814, Restoration period 1814 to 1830 (Romantic period, German Biedermeier).

Fancy turban. Filled Twists dress. Regency fashion 1804.

Regency Costumes. French First Empire fashion. Costume Parisien

Fancy turban. Filled Twists dress. Regency, First empire fashion. Turban de Fantaisie. Robe Garnie en Torsades. Costume Parisien 1804. Journal des dames et des modes. Costumes parisien 1804. France First Empire fashion,… Read More