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Period Costumes and Fashion from England, Regency, Empire, Georgian, Directory, Victorian and Tudor dresses.

Opus Anglicanum. The Syon Cope. Ecclesiastical needlework.

Syon Cope, Opus Anglicanum, ecclesiastical, needlework, middle ages,

The Syon Cope.
A fine example of the ecclesiastical needlework for which England was noted in the thirteenth century; presented to the Duke of Northumberland by refugee nuns from Portugal, to whose convent it belonged, and whom he sheltered at Syon House during the Continental troubles of the early nineteenth century.

Woman’s dress. Ruffs. Hairstyles. XVI & XVII century.

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The dresses naturalized by the Italian fashion in France, which favored the display of fine canvas by the wide necklines of the bodices, were followed by a fashion that rose more and more to the neck and was closed at the end at the top completely. Around 1575, this fashion and at the same time the expansion of ruffs reached its peak, and it seems that their popularity spread especially in France.