French fashion and costume history. La mode française.

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Fashion and Modes from ancient times until the 20th century.

Chronology of French Fashion and Modes from Ancient Times until the 20th century.

La mode française et l’histoire du costume.

The history of fashion in France.

Costumes Historiques des XIIe, XIIIe, XIVe, et XVI siecles’ by Camille Bonnard.

Selected papers of various authors

Fashion Louis XVI. Rococo costumes. 18th century clothing.
Fashion Louis XVI 1774−1789.
French Renaissance Fashion. 16th century costumes. France court dress
French Renaissance Fashion

Selected illustrations.

French Revolution gowns. Directory clothing. Directoire fashion. Regency costumes
French Directoire fashion
Louis XIV fashion. 17th century French costumes. Baroque Clothing Court lady
Court lady Louis XIV

L’Histoire du Costume Féminin Français. Paul Louis Victor de Giafferri.

Illustration, dancer