Easter eggs from Bukovina, Romania.

Easter eggs, Bukovina, Romania, Helmuth Theodor Bossert
Easter eggs from Bukovina, Romania.

Plate LV.

Easter eggs from Bukovina, Romania.

All the Easter eggs are in the Hamburg Ethnological Museum and come from Bukovina (Romania).

Bukovina is a historical landscape north-east of the Carpathian Mountains in the border region between Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe. The northern half belongs to Ukraine and is part of the Chernivtsi oblast.
For centuries, Bukovina, like Bessarabia to the east, was part of the historical principality of Moldavia. From 1775 to 1918, the region with its multi-ethnic population belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy. Eastern Galicia lies to the north-west and Transylvania to the south-west.

Source: Ornament, two thousand decorative motifs in colour, forming a survey of the applied art of all ages and all countries by Helmuth Theodor Bossert 1889-1961). London: E. Benn, 1924.

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