The different forms of sleeves on Assyrian clothing.

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Sleeves. Part V. The Luxurious Assyrian Costumes.

The Luxurious Assyrian Costumes.


Part V. Assyrian Plate 6.

Fig. 1. From bas-relief in Khorsabad (Dur Šarrukin). Blue-grey sleeve, brown band forming fringe, small yellow and white band.
Fig. 2. Small sleeve let forming old-pink petals.
Figs. 3. 4. Scarf adorned with gold beads.
Fig. 5. Sleeve of King Ashurbanipal (Aššur-bāni-apli 669 B.C. until 631/627 B.C.), ancient blue, brown, beige and white.
Fig. 6. Sleeve of Ashurbanipal’s wife, blue garment spotted with brown, brown fringe, blue and red sleeve. Thoroughly genuine document.
Fig. 7. Brown sleeve with small check-pattern.
Fig. 8. From bas-relief in Khorsabad (Dur Šarrukin). White sleeve with orange and white band, bright yellow fringe.
Fig. 9. Blue sleeve checked with brown. Gold bracelet.
Fig. 10. Yellow sleeve with green and white band.
Fig. 11. Orange-yellow sleeve, adorned with blue motifs.
Fig. 12. Blue sleeve with small white check.
Fig. 13. Blue sleeve with band of white embroidery.
Fig. 14. Brown sleeve embroidered with blue. White band with similar blue embroidery.
Fig. 15. Assyrian woman’s green costume adorned with yellow and mauve bands.
Fig. 16. Brown and blue sleeve.
Fig. 17. Assyrian woman’s yellow gown with bright blue band.
Fig. 18. Brown sleeve.
Fig. 19. Sleeve forming white petals.
Fig. 20. Blue sleeve with brown bands, yellow motif.
Fig. 21. Assyrian woman’s costume with yellow and red tunic under white gown.

Source: Paul Louis de Giafferri. The History of the Feminine Costume of the World. The Luxurious Assyrian Costumes. Published: 1926.