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Fashion and Costumes during the 14th century. The transition from the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance was slow and in the various countries of Europe at different times. An assignment of the Gothic within a set time span varies within the European countries and depends on various factors such as architecture, painting, sculpture. The Gothic is a period of European art and architecture of the Middle Ages. It originated in 1140 in Île-de-France (Paris region) and lasted north of the Alps to about 1500-1550. The previously dominant architectural and artistic style known as Romanesque, Renaissance style as following: Early Gothic ca 1175 to 1250. High Gothic 1250 to 1350; Late Gothic 1350 to 1550 (in Germany); Early Renaissance (Quattrocento) about 1425 to 1550 (Cinquecento in Italy) 
; Renaissance in Germany about 1500 to 1600.
The 14th century can be described with enormous changes in the clothing. Available materials for textile production for the lower classes there was linen, hemp, nettle (these three in particular for use in underwear) and wool (this especially for outerwear). The Nobility and rich bourgeoisie could additionally rely on expensive imported silks and used generally better textile qualities and refined fabrics. Dress codes according to the social status has been adopted.

Courtiers of the time of Richard II.

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Courtiers of the time of Richard II. MS. Reg. 15 D. Ill, and MS. Harl. No. 1319.


Anjou-Plantagenêt ruling dynasty

ABOVE all other periods in the history of England, that of the weak Richard II. was remarkable for the variety and gaiety of its fashions. The satirists and reformers of the day were zealous and loud in their outcries against the extravagance of the higher classes.

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The Black Prince. Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales.

Black Prince, Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales

The Black Prince. Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales.

The Black Prince.

Member of the French-born ruling dynasty Anjou-Plantagenêt which stood from 1154 to 1399 in direct line and until 1485 in the side lines Lancaster and York the kings of England.

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Richard II. King of England 1377 to 1399.

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King Richard II. Date about 1377.

King Richard II. 1367-1400.

Richard II (Richard Plantagenet, also known as Richard of Bordeaux 1367-1400), King of England from 1377 to 1399.

PERHAPS no monarch under the same circumstances ever enjoyed so great a share of the sympathy of posterity, as the ill-fated, though at the same time (it must be confessed) ill-deserving Richard II.

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