Vladimir Kirin. Serbian national costumes. Srpske nacionalne kostime.

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Macedonian from Moruovsko, Smiljevo – Bitola.

Serbian national costumes by Vladimir Kirin. Srpske nacionalne kostime.

Vladimir Kirin (1894 – 1963) was born as the second of six children in the family of Francis and Mary Kirin Kelemenec. Father Francis was an operetta singer and actor at the Croatian State theater. Vladimir Kirin attended the Academy of Arts in Vienna; studied and worked as a draftsman in London.

He painted landscapes, cityscapes and portraits and published numerous graphics and drawing maps. He worked as an illustrator of books and equipment; credited with improving the graphic design of books in Croatia.


Serbian national costumes.

  • Costumes from Crna Gora, Risan.
  • Costumes from Vojvodina, Baranja.
  • Costumes from Požarevac, Resava.
  • Serbian from Crna Trava.
  • Serbian from Niš – Pcinje.
  • Costumes from Vojvodina, Bačka Topola.
  • Serbian from Prizren, Sredačka pupa.
  • Serbian from Kosovo, Peć.
  • Macedonian from Skopska crna gora.
  • Macedonian from Kumanovo, Tetovo.
  • Macedonian from Kocani.
  • Macedonian from Krusevo, Prilep.
  • Macedonian costumes from Galicnik.
  • Macedonian costumes from Moruovsko, Smiljevo – Bitola.
  • Montenegro costumes from Krivosije.
  • Montenegrin couple from Cetinje.
  • Serbian from Šumadija.