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Art déco fashion. The Time between c. 1910 and 1940. – it was, in the midst of the general new departures of classical modernism, a design connection between elegance and form, precious materials, strength of color and sensuality of the subject. The ideas and suggestions received the Art Deco from all directions of development of modernity that were bundled in Paris like nowhere else.
Keywords: The fashion of the Jazz Age. Androgyny, Luxury, The Flapper, The Charleston girls. French Designers like Paul Poiret, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jean Patou. Tubular silhouette, The Cloche hat.

Fantasy costume of Dione by Léon Bakst

Art deco costume design. Léon Bakst. Mother of Venus

Fantasy costume design of the mother of Venus, by Léon Bakst.

Fantasy costume of Dione, Mother of Venus by Léon Bakst

‘Fantaisie Sur Le Costume Moderne, Dioné’, By Léon Bakst 1914. 

Dione is in Greek mythology, the mother of Aphrodite. In Roman mythology, she is equated with Venus. Or Dione (Greek Διώνη) is in Greek mythology, the daughter of Atlas and the wife of Tantalus, thus the mother of Broteas, Pelops and Niobe.

Art deco, Art nouveau fashion era.