Hitzen: Arita ceramic. Old Japan wares.

Hitzen, Arita, ceramic, porcelain, Japan, antique, James Lord Bowes
Hitzen: Arita ceramic. Made for native use.

Plate XI.


69 and 70. Pair of Temple lamps (toro), of porcelain.

They are decorated, in colours similar to those employed in the preceding specimen, with dragons, shishi, and diaper patterns. These pieces are examples of the miniature objects used in the domestic shrines in Japanese houses. Illustrated in Keramic Art of Japan folio, plate IX. Height 16 in.

  1. Bowl (hachi), of porcelain.

It is decorated with bands of conventional ornamentation, executed in colours of peculiar depth and brilliancy the colours employed are very dark blue, red, yellow and green, with gold sparingly introduced. This example, procured from the Japanese Commissioners at the Vienna Exhibition of 1873, is a typical specimen of the nishikide ware made for use in Japan.

The following mark, which is painted in blue, under the glaze, appears to be an imperfect forgery of a Chinese seal. Illustrated in Keramic Art of Japan, folio, plate V; octavo, plate XIV. Diameter 9½ in. (See plate XI.)

Source: Japanese pottery, with notes describing the thoughts and subjects employed in its decoration, and illustrations from examples in the Bowes collection by James Lord Bowes (1834-1899). Liverpool, E. Howell, 1890.

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