IN THE LODGE. Evening dress by Martha Loewenthal. Art deco 1922.

German fashion designer Martha Löwenthal. Art deco costumes 1920s. Roaring twenties fashion. Gibson Girls clothing. STYL Fashion Magazine. Vintage dresses.

IN THE LODGE, Evening dress by Martha Loewenthal 1922.

IN THE LODGE. Evening dress by Martha Loewenthal.

Drawing by A. Offterdinger. Styl, Plate 15, January 1922. (Martha Loewenthal 1875-1942 Berlin, 03.08.1942 Ghetto Theresienstadt; 26/09/1942 Treblinka extermination camp. Source)

Gallery: STYL – 1920s German Art Déco Fashion Magazine by Ludwig Sternaux. Published in Berlin by Erich Reiss & Otto v. Holten in 1922 & 1923.

Note:  Two creations by Martial & Armand, Lucile Paray. January 1933.
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