Historical and folk costumes from around the world by Franz Lipperheide.

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Citizen woman from Bautzen 1592

Historical and folk costumes by Franz Lipperheide.

“Sheets for costume design: historical and folk costumes by Franz Lipperheide, 1876-1887. With the participation of Otto Brausewetter, Ludwig Burger, C.E. Doepler, Alois Greil, Friedrich Hiddemann, Vinc. St.-Lerche, Jean Lulvès, Franz Meyerheim, B. Nordenberg, Bernhard Plockhorst, Rudolph Schick, Norbert Schroedl, Franz Skarbina, Paul Thumann, Joseph Watter, Carl Werner, Constantin von Wietersheim, among others. 

Edited by A. von Heyden “- Catalogue of Freiherrich of Lipperheide’schen Costume Library.

List of costume plates

  • Girl from Leksand in Dalecarlia, Sweden 1880.
  • Girl from Blekinge, Sweden 1860.
  • Fishermen’s wives from around Bergen, Norway.
  • Fishermen (Striil) from around Bergen, Norway.
  • Gorale from the Tatra Mountains. Hungary around 1875.
  • Wallachian woman from Orsova, Hungary 1875.
  • Woman from Athens in traditional Greek clothing.
  • Farmer from the area of the Etter Mountain Thuringia 1875.
  • Fishermen’s wives from Moenchgut of the island of Rügen..
  • Wendish peasant women from the district Lebus, Mark Brandenburg.
  • Fishermen from Moenchgut of the German island of Rügen.
  • Peasant woman in work clothes of the area of the Etter Mountain Thuringia 1875.
  • Farmer from the countryside of Hanau, Baden.
  • Peasant girl from Neuland at Neisse, Silesia 1876.
  • Peasant woman from the area of Weimar, Thuringia.
  • Peasant girl from Ockershausen at Marburg, Electoral Hesse.
  • Girl in folk dress from Denkte at Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony Germany.
  • Girl from Brotterode, Thuringia.
  • Girl from Rippoldsau in Schapbachthale, Black Forest.
  • Girl from Lake Tegernsee, Upper Bavaria.
  • Bridesmaid (Schäppelmeiggi) from Vorarlberg in Montafun, Austria 1875
  • Woman in winter costume from Montafun, Vorarlberg.
  • Girl from Schönna near Meran, South Tyrol.
  • Young farmer from Obermais, Merano, South Tyrol.
  • Cabbage cutter from Montafun Vorarlberg Austria 1879.
  • Dairy girl from Antwerp Belgium.
  • Christian IV of Denmark around 1625.
  • Christian IV of Denmark around 1630.
  • Denmark Christian IV in Baroque costume in 1640.
  • Don Juan de Austria around 1572.
  • Costume of the court of Louis XIV.
  • German man of rank in the garb 1670-1680.
  • German nobleman in the clothes from the early 16th century.
  • German nobleman in 1480.
  • Lübeck patrician woman end of the 15th century.
  • German noblewoman in the clothes from the early 16th century.
  • Distinguished German man in 1480.
  • Distinguished German woman in 1480.
  • German nobleman in spanish court dress in 1640.
  • Italian young man in clothing in 1470.
  • King Charles I of England in 1624.
  • Lady in Paris Street Costume 1823-1824.
  • Lady in Paris Ball Gown 1822.
  • Member of the French Directoire 1795-1799.
  • Dutch lute player around 1635.
  • Armenian woman from Constantinople.
  • Fellah girl from Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Persian from the city Khoy, Iran West Azerbaijan Province.


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