Africa, the landscape and the people 1931. The dark continent.

Africa, landscape, Lake, Victoria,
Granitic rocks on Lake Victoria.

Africa, the landscape and the people.

Source: The dark continent; Africa, the landscape and the people by Hugo Adolf Bernatzik.
Published: Studio London 1931.

List of plates:

  • Sara girl (Sara-Madjingaye).
  • Ovambo women, Ondonga S.W. Africa.
  • Nuer warrior with tribal mark on forehead.
  • Musgu woman.
  • Nuer, resting position South Sudan.
  • Chief in ceromonial dress, Gold Coast, Ghana.
  • Gate-keeper of a fetish courtyard, Gold Coast.
  • Wife of a Mangbetu Chief, Belgian Congo 1925
  • Swahili Woman, East Africa.
  • Fanti woman. Ethnic group of the Akan, Ivory Coast.
  • Kanembu Girl, Lake Tchad.
  • Wodaabe Bororo woman, Banyo, French Cameroons, Mandated Territory.
  • Gate-keeper of the Jeve League, Gold Coast.
  • Ewe child, Adaklu District, Togo.
  • Moru Dance South Sudan.
  • Tatooing a Jarawa woman, Nigeria.
  • Nuer Woman, South Sudan.
  • Yetsang Girl (Southern Cameroons).
  • Bodyguard of Sultan Sanda of Bornu, Dikwa Emirate Nigeria.
  • Eastern Djur Ghana, Mother and Child.
  • Musgu village.
  • Kanuris playing dice, Dikwa Nigeria.
  • Tournament in Dikwa, Borno State, Nigeria.
  • Young Musgu shepherds, banks of the Logone.
  • Cloud of weaver-birds on the Dinder.
  • Resting Water-buck.
  • Victoria Falls of the Zambezi.
  • Uluguru Mountains, Tanganyika Tansania.
  • Southern Rhodesian Landscape.
  • Archaen rock cones in the Namib Desert.
  • Baga fetish temple. West African ethnic group on the coast of Lower Guinea. Main groups of Baga are the Koba, Fore and Sitemu.
  • Ikandu Falls near Newcastle.
  • Granitic rocks on Lake Victoria.
  • Flock of gannets (Sula capensis), S.W. African coast.
  • Mundang houses, Léré, Mayo Kebi Chad.
  • Brooding penquins, Dassen Island, Cape Colony.
  • Native Church in Pandemai, Liberia.
  • Fleeing ostriches, Tonga, White Nile.
  • Captured and plucked ostriches belonging to Shua Arabs, Bornu.
  • Mount Kenya.
  • Volcanic formation (Mawenzi), Kilimanjaro.
  • Oil-palms (Elaeis), Belgian Congo.
  • Houses of the wives of the king of Bamum, Foumban, northeast Cameroon.
  • Forest on Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Falls of the Tana River near Fort Hall, Kenya.
  • Clay fetish of the Ewe tribe, Gold Coast Ghana.