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Habit of an Augustin Nun. Order St. Augustin 18th c.

Nun, habit, Religieuse, Order, Augustine, St. Ausgustin, Ecclesiastical, Roman Catholic Church

Nun of the Order St. Ausgustin 18th c.

Habit of a nun of the Order St. Augustin

Religieuse de L’Ordre de St. Augustin
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Habit of a Woman of Africa in 1581

Habit, Woman, Africa, Habitus Variarum, 16th century, Thomas Jefferys

African woman in 16th century

Habit of a Woman of Africa in 1581 from Habitus Variarum.


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THE GRAND SEIGNEUR. The Turkish Sultan in 1749.

Abdülhamid I, Turkish Sultan, Ottoman Empire, Costume history, Grand Seignior

Abdülhamid I. Habit of the Grand Seignior in 1749. Le Grand Seigneur.

taken from VIEN’S CARAVANNE, a book which represents the Dresses in a Turkish Masquerade given by the Pensioners of the French Academy at Rome, in the Year 1748.

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Habit of the Sultaness Queen in 1749.

Empress, Sultaness , Sultane Reine, Ottoman Empire, Queen, costume

Empress of the Ottoman Empire

Habit of the Sultaness Queen in 1749. La Sultane Reine.

Consort of the Ottoman sultan.
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