Romania. Female Hairstyles of Hunedoara, Transylvania.

Hairstyle, Hunedoara, Romanian, Transylvania, Peasant, Folk, Costume, Cantemir,
Hairstyle from Hunedoara, (Pieptănătură) Transylvania.

Romania Hairstyles of Hunedoara, Transylvania.

(Pieptănătură din Huniedoara. Transilvania.)

Source: Romanian Folk Costumes.
Portul popular romanesc by Alexandrina Enachescu Cantemir. Editeur: Prof. Dimitrie Gusti. Published: Scrisul Romanesc, S.A., Craiova 1937.

Illustration, damasks, ornament


Note:  Old peasant from Lunca Cernii de Jos - Huniedoara, Transylvania.

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