Dresses for the home based on Marescot lace, 1915.

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House dresses based on Marescot lace, 1915.

Dresses for the home. “Parisian style” models based on Marescot lace.

Robes de Maison. Modèles “du Style Parisien” d’après les Dentelles de Marescot.

Plate XXI.

  • Dress in Poulinette: muslin velvet (Lesur and Co. No. 4710); tunic in white tulle lace embroidered with samll circles in many colors and in silver thread (marescot No. 9893).
  • Dress of black tulle lace embroidered in gold and black silk (Riechers Marescot No. 154) over an underdress of pink charmeuse (Bianchini), corselet in gold lace. Mantle of similar tulle lace embroidered in black and gold.
  • Dress in white chiffon scalloped and embroidered in silver (Riechers Marescot No. 9810); the embroidery more delicate than it can be made to appear in the drawing makes a charming effect above the milky tones of the chiffon.

Source: Le style parisien. Planche XXI. Supplément du “Style Parisian” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.

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