The Oriental Album by Prisse d’Avennes. In The Valley Of The Nile.

costume, egypt, Cairo, Traditional, Arab, clothing
A Zeyat or Oil Seller with Customers in his Shop in Cairo

The Oriental Album.


  • A Janissary and a Merchant in Cairo.
  • A Zeyat or Oil Seller with Customers in his Shop in Cairo.
  • Egyptian Dancing Girls Performing the Ghawazi at Rosetta.
  • Veiled Egyptian Woman.
  • Warrior from Amhara, Ethiopia.
  • A Mahazi and a Soualeh Bedouin.
  • A Berber Playing the Kissar.
  • Nejdi Horse, Arabia.
  • Arab Sheikh Smoking.
  • Peasant Dwellings in Upper Egypt.
  • Egyptian Woman in a Harem in Cairo.
  • Kafila with a Camel Bearing a Hodesh.
  • Camels resting in the Sherkiyeh. Land of Goshen.
  • Dromedaries halting in the Desert 1848.

Source: The Oriental Album. Characters, Costumes, And Modes Of Life, In The Valley Of The Nile. Published 1848. Drawings by Prisse d’Avennes 1807-1879. Lithographs by various artists. Printed by Lemercier in Paris, James Madden in London, and Madden & Malcolm in London.


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