Sacred Shinkyo Bridge at Nikko, Japan.

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The Shinkyo Bridge (神橋, Shinkyō, “sacred bridge”) to Nikkō Futarasan Shrine.


by Francis Brinkley.

Shinkyo Bridge (神橋, Shinkyō, “sacred bridge”) to Nikkō Futarasan Shrine.

This bridge, which spans a mountain stream flowing between the village of Nikko and the enclosure containing the twenty-eight great Nikko temples, was built in 1638. It is 84 feet long and 18 feet wide. It was formerly closed to all persons except the Shoguns, save twice a year when it was opened to pilgrims. It is now kept constantly closed except to the Emperor, who as a special mark of distinction invited General Grant to use the bridge upon the occasion of his visit to Nikko. With characteristic modesty General Grant refrained from exercising his privilege.

Source: JAPAN. Described and Illustrated by the Japanese. Written by Eminent Japanese Authorities and Scholars. Edited by Captain F. Brinkley (1841 – 1912) of Tokyo Japan. With an Essay on Japanese Art by Kakuzo Okakura (1860 – 1929) Director of the Imperial Art School at Tokyo Japan. 1897.

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