Woman from Šibenik, Croatia. The Serbs in the Adriatic.

Traditional Serbian National Costumes. Woman Folk dress from Sibenik Croatia. ŽENSKA NOŠNJA IZ ŠIBENIKA
A woman from Šibenik. ŽENSKA NOŠNJA IZ ŠIBENIKA.

Woman in traditional costume from Šibenik Croatia 1870. 


Šibenik is a city of stairs with over 2800 steps within its streets. It has many sights and monuments.

Founded in the 10th century on the banks of a deep bay at the mouth of the Krka River, it was for a short time the capital of the Croatian Kingdom. The historic centre of the old town is overlooked by the fortress of Saint-Michel. Šibenik is the oldest town founded by the Croats on the Adriatic coast, first mentioned in documents in 1066, where it is called Krešimirova, name later changed to Šibenik.

Source: The Serbs in the Adriatic. Their types and costumes. Published 1870-1878. Brockhaus Leipzig Germany.