India. The young lady’s toilet. Anglo indians.

Enclosed is a book in which the service in occupied colonial India was to be made palatable to the British.

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The young lady’s toilet. Anglo indians.

Anglo indians.



The several objects in the young lady’s room having been described in the first plate, it is only requisite to say that the attendant, performing the duties of the toilet,is an Ayah.

The woman sitting on the ground is the Matranee; a Khidmutgar boy is bringing in a bottle of iced water enveloped in a Sola case, covered with red cloth if the striped cloth Purdah hanging before the door, at the back of the picture, is a common appendage to Indian rooms.

Ayah.- Lady’s maid.
Matranee.- Aya’s asistant.
Sola.- The pith of tree.
Purdah.- A screen of any kind.
Khidmutgar.— A table attendant.

Source: Sketches illustrating the manners & customs of the Indians & Anglo Indians: drawn on stone from the original drawings from life / by William Tayler (1807-1892) Esq. Bengal Civil Service. Thomas McLean, Simpson Library, Museums of History NSW, 1842.

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