Ancient Gallic cloaks. Merovingian fashion history.

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Gallic cloaks.

Gallic cloaks.

GAUL Plate 4.

1. Costume of the wife of Childebert 1., King of Paris, A. D. 511-558.

2. Costume of a Druidess. Very full garment draped all round.

3. Costume of rich citizeness at the end of the 5th century. Cloak without sleeves.

4. Cloak of a Druidess with large sleeves, with a slit for neek-opening.

5. Woman of Metz. Draped sleeveless cloak with indented edges.

6. Costume of Druidess consisting of a draped, shapeless c1oak, worn over a tunic, held at the waist by a belt.

7. Costume of a Gallic woman taken from an ancient bas-relief.

8. Cloak of a Druidess held at the shoulder by an uncut stone.

9. Cloak of a woman of the Court of Dagobert 1.
A. D. 622-638. Very draped festened on one shoulder by three buttons, leaving the other shoul der bare.

10. Cloak of a Druidess, open in front, sleeveless, and gathered at the- back.

Source: The history of the Feminine Costume of the world. The comfortable costumes of the Gauls. Paul-Louis de Giafferri (1886-1943)

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