The Cheese Market of Hoorn region of West Friesland.

Cheese Market, Dutch, West Friesland, traditional, costumes, Gratiane de Gardilanne, Elizabeth Whitney Moffatt,
The Cheese Market of Hoorn


No. 11.

The people employed in cheese factories are dressing in white cloth and large straw hats of bright colors. These colors vary, according to the firm. The women’s hats, called “schuithoedj”, are a survival of the old regional costume.

Hoorn, sometimes known as Horn, is a Dutch town and municipality in the north-east of the province of North Holland, in the historic region of West Friesland.

Source: Traditional Netherlands Costumes by Gratiane de Gardilanne and Elizabeth Whitney Moffatt; Published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., London 1912.

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