English and French fashion in the 15th century.

Costumes, England, France, fashion, Gothic, Medieval, 15th century
English and French, 15th century.

English and French fashion in the 15th Century.

(Gothic, burgundy, middle ages)

On the history of costumes. Sixty-eighth sheet. Fifteenth century. English and French. Munich illustrated book no. 1024. Illustration by G. Häberlin.

English 1400. French 1470.
English First Third of 1400. King Henry VII (1456-1509, Tudor). The Duke of Suffolk (1470). King Henry VI (1471). The duchess of Suffolk (1470).

Outline 15th century.

The fifteenth century was an exaggeration of the modes of the fourteenth. More extravagant fabrics were used, and everything became more extreme, even to the points of the hats and shoes.

Towards the end of this century came a transitional period. The toes of the shoes became round, the dresses became more semi-fitting, and were split up the front, showing the underskirt. They had square necks and were worn with a girdle. The close-fitting cap was the head-dress now used, and had probably been introduced into France by Anne de Bretagne, Queen of France.

The Fifteenth century to the Sixteenth century comprises the costume history of the Middle Ages.

Source: Münchener Bilderbogen 1848 to 1898. On the history of costumes. Published by Braun & Schneider. Royal court and university printing office of Dr. C. Wolf & Sohn in Munich.

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