Italian noblewoman with heart shaped hennin. 13th century.

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Italian noblewoman 1300

Italian noblewoman.

Burgundy fashion era. Medieval 13th century clothing.

Here hair is confined by a net called a crespine or crespinette. She wears a headwear, the white colored barbette with veil (Still seen on nuns headwear). She worns the high-waisted cyclas or sleeveless surcoat with plunging neckline, made of precious damask and at the edges richly decorated with gold-embroidered fabric ornaments. The under-dress has long sleeves that reach to the hands. The fabric is interwoven with gold threads. The belt is worn high on the waist. The hairline is drawn far above what distinguishes a high forehead. The round décolleté is adorned with a heavy gold chain.

Source: Costumes historiques pour travestissements par Paul Gavarni (Guillaume Sulpice Chevalier 1804-1866)

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