The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3. 1796, by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.

Regency clothing. Jane Austen fashion. Neoclassical dresses
Regency clothing. Gallery of Fashion VOL. III. 1796

The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3. April 1796 To March 1797. 

Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.



The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3, 1796-1797.  (Original introduction from 1796.)

THE Publisher of the GALLERY of FASHION, most respectfully submits the undertaking of a Third Volume of his Work, to the particular notice and patronage of his Subscribers; the two preceding ones being honoured with so very favourable a reception, he has been induced, in order to preserve that superiority, which the GALLERY of FASHION has hitherto maintained over similar publications in other countries, to limit the number of copies to that of the Subscribers, who, by this regulation, may boast to possess an unique repository of English national Dresses of Ladies; which, considering the limitation of copies, must become in time very scarce, and of course very valuable.

The Publisher, in returning his sincerest thanks to those Subscribers, who have hitherto supported him in this expensive undertaking, begs leave to inform them, that any irregularity in the delivery of the Numbers shall be immediately remedied, by applying at the Office, No. 90, Wardourstreet, Soho, London.

Published by Nicolaus Wilhelm von Heideloff.