Morning and Afternoon dress. July 1796. Heideloff`s Gallery of Fashion.

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Morning and Afternoon dress. July 1796.

Morning and Afternoon dress. July 1796.


The front and side hair combed straight; the hind hair in ringlets.
Foundling cap of clear muslin, trimmed with rose-coloured riband in small round puffs; large bow-in the front, and a small one behind. Round gown of light green muslin, trimmed with an apple-green riband. Short full puckered sleeves. Sash of apple-green riband. Straw-coloured gloves. Narrow white lace ruff round the neck. Large hoop gold ear-rings. Light yellow shoes.


The toupee in small curls; the hind hair turned up in four small loops. the ends returned in ringlets, crossed in two parts with a silver riband, and looped with a large diamond pin; a wreath and bouquet of flowers ‘in the toupee. Round gown of white clear muslin; chemise sleeves, festooned with lace, and tied with riband; braided back, bound round the neck with
a broad white riband, and a plaiting of lace. White silk shoes. Diamond ear-rings.

Source: The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3. April 1796 To March 1797.  Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London. 


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