The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 1. 1794, by Nikolaus von Heideloff.

THE GALLERY OF FASHION Vol. 1,. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.
The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 1,. 1794-1795.

The Gallery of Fashion Vol. 1,. April 1794 to March 1795. Published by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.


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(Original introduction from 1794).

A GALLERY OF FASHION is a work long wanted, and long wished for, and now makes its appearance upon a very extensive plan. It is a collection of all the most fashionable and elegant Dresses in vogue.

This work, so necessary to point out the superior elegance of the English taste, is the first and only one ever published in this country; it surpasses any thing of the kind formerly published at Paris, and shews at once the different fashions invented at different periods; in short it forms a Repository of Dress.

The Publisher will make it his particular study to select those magnificent dresses, in which the Ladies appear at the routs, the opera, the playhouses, and the concert-rooms; as well as those elegant morning dresses of Hyde Park, and Kensington Gardens.

Several Ladies of rank and fashion have not only approved of this plan, but they have at the same time granted permission to the Publisher to make drawings of their new dresses, and to insert them in this GALLERY; thus the credit of the invention of the different dresses. will be secured to those Fair Subscribers who contribute to the embellishment of this work (if they have no objection to their names being mentioned). And they will find the Publisher always ready to represent their dresses in that style of elegance, and that original taste, which is so peculiar to the British Ladies.

This GALLERY will not only be interesting to Ladies of the highest fashion, but must be deemed absolutely necessary to every person concerned in the fashions of the day. It is likewise submitted to the admirers of the fine arts, as an agreeable series of objects, for the imitation of those Ladies who wish to mix entertainment with improvement.

This Work will be published in twelve Monthly Numbers, printed in quarto, on the finest woven paper. Each number to appear on the first of every month; and to contain three, four, and sometimes five whole-length figures of Ladies. To each figure will be annexed such a plain and particular description of every article, that it will be impossible to err in the arrangement of the dress.

Court Dresses to be given at the birth-day; and several of the new-invented Dresses will be inserted in some of the subsequent numbers, before they are seen by the public. The figures are executed in an entire new manner, and coloured from nature, with the utmost accuracy. Twelve numbers to form a volume. Each volume to be embellished with an alegorical coloured title page.

The price to Subscribers will be Three Guineas for the twelve numbers; each number to be paid for on the delivery. Subscribers names received by the publisher, N. Heideloff at Mr. Wiples, NO.9, Southampton-street, Covent-Garden, where specimens of the work may be seen.

To Non-subscribers the price of each number will be seven shillings and six pence, and may be had at Mrs. Humphreys, No. 18, Old Bond-street.

A List of Subscribers will be published in the last number of each volume.
As the numbers will be delivered in the same order in which the names of Subscribers are received, those Ladies who are desirous of promoting the undertaking, end wish to have the numbers regularly sent to their respective residences, either in town or country, are requested to transmit their flames immediately to the above mentioned place.

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