Japanese dancers in posture and gestures.

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Dancing girls.

Japanese dancers.


by Francis Brinkley.

The training of the dancing girl usually begins when she is about seven years of age. She is practically engaged for a number of years and must serve out her contract unless released by the payment of a considerable sum of money. She is in request not only at the theatres and other public entertainments, but at private banquets and social gatherings.

The dancing is seldom rhythmic, but rather a series of graceful attitudes and gestures, acting out some narrative or descriptive poem which is simultaneously sung or recited to the accompaniment of musical instruments by attending geishas or singing girls.

The general effect is very unique and artistic, although to a foreigner it may at first appear somewhat grotesque. A more careful study, however, will impress the spectator with the skill and artistic ability of the performers.

Source: JAPAN. Described and Illustrated by the Japanese. Written by Eminent Japanese Authorities and Scholars. Edited by Captain F. Brinkley (1841 – 1912) of Tokyo Japan.

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