Java, Japan and Indonesia costumes

Traditional Japan national costumes. Antique kimono. Court warrior dress.

Japanese Court warrior

Java, Japan and Indonesia costumes.

Source: Japanese and Indonesians Costumes by Emile Gallois. Forty-eight color plates. Published by Henri Laurens, Editeur, Paris 1930.


  1. Traditional Parsis in India.
  2. Chinese sceneries in 19th century.
  3. Typical pictures of Indian Natives.
  4. The Indian Mughal Empire.
  5. The Persians in India.
  6. Plant drawings from an Indian Cotton Printer`s Pattern Book, 1910.
  7. Historical Asia costumes by Auguste Wahlen.
  8. Costumes of all countries by Alexandre Lacauchie 1850s.
  9. Historical and folk costumes by Franz Lipperheide.
  10. The costume of Turkey. Ottoman Empire 18th century.
  11. Costumes and scenery of Afghanistan.
  12. Views of Darjeeling: With typical native portraits and groups.
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List of costume plates:

  • Popular japanese woman costume.
  • Servant costume of japanese court.
  • Japanese costume, XIX century.
  • Man costume of the japanese court.
  • Woman ostume of the japanese court.
  • Osaka, Bunrakuza. Japanese puppet theatre.
  • Costume of a japanese water carrier.
  • Japanese dancer costume (Nō Theater, Bougakou, Bunraku).
  • Japanese woman costume, XIX. century.
  • Japanese Palace Lady and musician costumes.
  • Costume Nō, XIII. century.
  • Japanese woman costume, XIX century.
  • Japanese woman costume, XVIII century.
  • Japanese woman court dress.
  • Woman costume “Under the moon at night”.
  • Japan Court warrior.
  • Servant of the japanese court.
  • Kyoto woman costume.
  • Japanese costume of a female water carrier.
  • Japanese Wigs.
  • Japanese Wigs of young girls.
  • Costume Nō, XIII century.
  • Japanese noble court dress, XX century.
  • Japanese court warrior.
  • Puppet theater in Osaka. Bunraku, Ningyō jōruri.
  • Japanese woman costume, XIX century.
  • Ainu costume ceremonies.
  • Ainu costume Kuril Islands.
  • Japanese woman costume, XVIII and XIX century.
  • Japanese woman costume, XIX century.
  • Japanese actor costume, XX century.
  • Japanese costume Nō, XIX century.
  • Japanese female dancer costume, XX century.
  • Japanese noble court dress, XX. century.
  • Japanese servant court dress, XX. century.
  • Japanese Bridal gown, XX century.
  • Japanese Kakémono fabric 19th century.
  • Bali. Baris traditional war dance. Dancer warrior.
  • Bali Legong dance costume.
  • Java costume. Gatutkatja, Man dancing.
  • Java costume. Golèk. Woman dancing.
  • Java costume. Ardjuna. Dancing man.
  • Java costume. Bedaya. Woman dancing.
  • Java costume. Krishna. Dancing man.
  • Java costume. Serimpi dance. Woman dancing.
  • Sumatra costume. Pencak. Popular dance.
  • Island of Nias. Dancer warrior.