The nations. Album of Costumes From All Countries. Par Alexandre Lacauchie.

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Costumes from China

Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays. Par Alexandre Lacauchie. Paris. Maison Martinet.

Alexandre Lacauchie (Paris, 1814 – 1886) was a French engraver, lithographer, draftsman and painter. He participated in the Salons between 1833 and 1835, presenting a series of paintings, including portraits and landscapes, as well as pastels and drawings.

He is known to have published at least one lithographed album, the “Galerie des artistes dramatiques de Paris chez Marchant” in two volumes (Paris, 1840-1841), including 80 full-length portraits drawn. Other lithographed drawings appeared signed by him, including a portrait of Adelaide Ristori (by Godard, 1858).

He has often worked with the engraver Henri-Jules Faxardo. His full-length portraits of François-Séverin Marceau, François Paul de Brueys d’Aigalliers and Jean-Baptiste Kléber were engraved by Eugène Leguay for the third volume of Albert Maurin’s Galerie historique de la Révolution française (1787 to 1799). The National Museum of Warsaw preserves his portrait of Joseph Poniatowski engraved by Marc Antoine Claude Monnin.

Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays. Par Alexandre Lacauchie. Paris. Maison Martinet. Haute Cœur frères 41, Rue Vivienne et 146, Rue de Rivoli 1850s.

The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World Paperback – December 7, 2021
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List of Plates:

  • Costumes from French Imperial.
  • Costumes from Portugal.
  • Costumes from Basques
  • Costumes from Netherlands Dutch.
  • Costumes from Norway.
  • Costumes from Crimean Tatars.
  • Costumes from Armenia.
  • Costumes from Tyrol.
  • Costumes from Turkey
  • Costumes from Mexico
  • Costumes from India
  • Costumes from Finland
  • Costumes from Moorish
  • Costumes from Romania
  • Costumes from Russia
  • Costumes from China
  • Costumes from Scotland
  • Costumes from Brittany
  • Costumes from Spain
  • Costumes from Hungary
  • Costumes from Switzerland
  • Costumes from Greece