Fashionable Gallic women. Merovingian costumes.

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Fashionable Gallic women.

Fashionable Gallic women. Gauls, Merovingian costume history.

GAUL Plate 1.

1. From B. C. 1600 up to Caesar; Costume of Euxetra. Foundation of Marseilles. Loose blue draped bodice.

2. Gallic lady, 6th century. Costume of Fredegonda, mother of Clotairus. Long robe with two belts. One under the breast and the other very loose round the waist. Robe blue, belts yellow and green, cloak green.

3. From the preaching of the Gospel to the days of the Franks and Huns. Costume of a Gallic lady or Cimbrian captive. Bright blue robe with loose folds.

4. Women of Germania. Silver grey collarette trimmed with cerise.

5. White Gallo-Roman consular robe with loose folds.

6.-7. From the 5th to the loth centuries, after monuments to the Merovingian Kings (from Clovis to Dagobert) France. Long white robe, bright green cloak.

8. From Caesar to the Gallic Empire: Robe of a Gallo-Roman lady. Veil covering the head and a loose robe of the same shade as the veil.

9. Gaule-Roman lady. Bright blue loose robe. Gold trimming. Cerise and gold belt. Inset of robe green.

10. B. C. 600 to Caesar, Gallic lady; bright green robe.

11. From the Gallic Empire to the preaching of the Gospels. Veil and robe of the same shade. The skirt in the form of a tunic. (From a statue on the column of Cussy.)

Source: The history of the Feminine Costume of the world. The comfortable costumes of the Gauls. Paul-Louis de Giafferri (1886-1943)

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