Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra.

Tsar, Tsarita, Muscovite Empire, Nicholas II, Alexandra, Russian Emperor, Empress,
Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra in Ancient Dress 1903.

Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra in Ancient Dress 1903.

Russian Emperor and Empress.

The Tsar and Tsarita of the old Muscovite Empire, as worn at an historical costume ball in the Winter Palace, February 11, 1903. Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov 1868-1918, came from the ruler of the Romanov Dynasty and reigned from 1894 to 1917 as the last Tsar of Russia. Alexandra Feodorovna, born Princess Alix Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice of Hesse and by Rhine was born in 1872 and the last Empress of Russia.

Source: Provincial Russia. Painted by F. De Haenen. Described by G. Dobson, H.M. Grove, and H. Stewart. Published by Adam and Charles Black, London 1913.

Illustration, Manis, Dasypodidae
Manis Dasypodidae
Note:  Female Ostyak Finno-Ugric, Khanty Ugrian.
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