France Fin de siècle fashion. Haas brothers, for the spring season, 1913.

Jeanne Paquin, costume, haute couture
Jeanne Paquin Model of Crepe Chinois

Haas brothers, for the spring season, 1913.

The Fin de Siècle, also called decadence, was used to identify the general condition before the First World War. The term was used primarily in France and refers to a specifically French way of life, the cultural decay of that time. The period was characterized by an oscillation between optimism, euphoria future, diffuse anxiety about the future and regression, apocalyptic mood, weariness of life, world-weariness, fascination with death and impermanence, levity, frivolity and decadence.

A subculture or counter-culture to the bourgeois life originated with the cult figures bohemian, dandy, snob and a femme fatale. Impressionism, the late Romantic period in music, and the first beginnings of the avant-garde in all branches of the arts arose in the time of the fin de siècle.

Models by:

Georgette GabeyMdm. PremetCharles Frederick WorthJeanne PaquinBaron Christoph von DrecollCallot SoeursMartial & ArmandRondeau


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