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A allonge wig is a long and large curly wig for men from around about 1665 to 1715. It is typical for the time of the baroque. Allonge is in the French language for “extension” or “appendages”.

Modes Parisiennes. French rococo costumes, Ancien Régime.

Modes Parisiennes, Reign Of Louis XV, 1763. France Ancien Régime fashion. French Rococo costumes. Hoop skirt, Farthingale. Le Pouf.

Modes Parisiennes. Court dress in the Reign of Louis XV, French rococo costumes 1763. Marquise and Marquis dancing in Versailles Marie-Antoinette Ball Scene 2006 (Director: Sofia Coppola) “Modes et Costumes Historiques“. Drawing by Xavier Willemin.… Read More