Byzantine Knight and Chancellor costumes.

Ancient Byzantine nobility costume, Toga, Tunica. Byzantium Knight armour.

Byzantine Knight and Chancellor.

Ancient Byzantine Knight and Chancellor. Byzantine Nobility costumes.


Thomas Becket. Archbishop Ecclesiastical Costume.
Chasuble, Mitre, and Stole of St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (1117-1170); preserved i... Read more
12th Century • Byzantine • Ecclesiastical • England • Middle Ages
Byzantine fashion era • Chasuble • Ecclesiastical Dress • Gothic costumes • Medieval costume • Mitre • Monastic clothing
Renaissance Fashion German Nobility, 15th Century.
Renaissance Fashion. Women`s Costume of German Nobility, 1450, 15th Century. The left figure show... Read more
1450 • 15th Century • Court dress • Germany • Hairstyle • Middle Ages • Nobility • Renaissance
Cioppa • Cotta • Gamurra • Houppelande • Renaissance fashion era • Renaissance female clothing
German fashion in the 15th century. Men's Dress.
German fashion in the 15th century. Upper half of the image on the left: Lower Rhine Costume (140... Read more
1410 • 1420 • 1450 • 1470 • 1480 • 1490 • 15th Century • Burgundian dress • Germany • Middle Ages • Military
Burgundian fashion period • Carl Kohler • Gothic costumes • Medieval costume
Italian craftsmen in 1350. Medieval clothing.
Italian craftsmen in 1350. Medieval clothing. Vicino, Calzolaio, Beccaio, Molinaro, Segatore di f... Read more
1350 • 14th Century • Italy • Middle Ages
Gothic costumes • Medieval costume
Burgundian nobility in the 15th century.
Medieval women`s clothing. Burgundian nobility Burgundian damsel in the 15th century. Main featur... Read more
1450 • 15th Century • Burgundian dress • Court dress • Headdresses • Middle Ages • Nobility
Burgundian fashion period • Cotehardie • Gothic costumes • Gugel • Hennin • Lipperheide
Young Gallic Woman 5th to 7th century
Young Gallic Woman 5th to 7th century. According to a relief from the fourth to the seventh c... Read more
4th Century • 5th Century • 6th Century • 7th Century • Ancient • Byzantine • France • Gauls • Middle Ages
Costumes civils et militaires des Français • Medieval costume • Merovingian fashion and history
French noblewoman costume in 14th century.
French Noblewoman in 1350. Court of the French King Jean II. (frz. Jean II. le Bon; 1319-1364). ... Read more
1350 • 14th Century • Burgundian dress • France • Middle Ages
Burgundian fashion period • Costumes historiques de ville ou de théatre • Gothic costumes • Houppelande • Medieval costume
The tapestry of St. Germain l’Auxerrois.
FIGURES FROM THE TAPESTRY OF ST. GERMAIN L’AUXERROIS. LESS tasteful in every respect than t... Read more
1514 • 16th Century • Accessoires • Court dress • England • Hat • Headdresses • Middle Ages • Renaissance • Shoes
Renaissance fashion era • Robinson Planche

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