Byzantine Knight and Chancellor costumes.

Ancient Byzantine nobility costume, Toga, Tunica. Byzantium Knight armour.

Byzantine Knight and Chancellor.

Ancient Byzantine Knight and Chancellor. Byzantine Nobility costumes.


French medieval shepherdess costume
French medieval shepherdess costume 15th century "Modes et Costumes Historiques“. Drawing by X... Read more
15th Century • France • Middle Ages • Modes et Costumes Historiques • Traditional
French national costumes • Gothic costumes • Medieval costume
Italian gothic costumes 15th century.
Italian Gothic costumes 1460 - 1500. Medieval Gothic, Burgundy fashion era. Italian costume... Read more
1460 • 1490 • 15th Century • Burgundian dress • Italy • Middle Ages
Burgundian fashion period • Costumes art and utensils • Gothic costumes • Medieval costume
The Crusades history. Teutonic Order of Knighthood.
Content The Knights of the Teutonic Order of Knighthood. Order of Brothers of the German House o... Read more
12th Century • Ecclesiastical • Fashion History • Germany • Middle Ages • Military
Crusaders • Gothic costumes • Knighthood
Knight in armor of the second crusade.
Knight in armor of the second crusade 1145–1149. Knight Bannert praying before his departure ... Read more
12th Century • France • Middle Ages • Military
Costumes civils et militaires des Français • Crusaders • Knighthood • Medieval costume
Eleanor of Austria. Queen of France in court dress
Eleanor of  Austria, also called Eleanor of Castile 1498-1558 Eleanor of Castile was Infanta... Read more
1420 • 15th Century • Ancien Régime • Court dress • France • Headdresses • Middle Ages • Modes et Costumes Historiques • Nobility • Renaissance
Medieval costume • Modes et Costumes Historiques • Renaissance fashion era
Alfred the Great. The first English king.
Alfred the Great (848/849-899). The first English king. It is scarcely too much to say that the... Read more
9th Century • Anglo-Saxon • England • Genre • Middle Ages
English history • Medieval costume • Pictures and Royal Portraits • Vikings
The Society of La Calza, Venetia 14th century
A YOUNG VENETIAN OF THE SOCIETY DE LA CALZA. Middle Ages, Early Renaissance era. The Societ... Read more
1400 • 14th Century • Italy • Middle Ages • Renaissance
Medieval costume • Renaissance fashion era
Renaissance children dress 16th century
Renaissance children dress in 1514 from Italy.   Read more
1514 • 16th Century • Child • Italy • Middle Ages
Children Costumes • Lipperheide

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