Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and other items.

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Ancient Greek cultural items.

Ancient Greek cultural items.

1.11. Flambeaux. 2. Mirror. Necklaces. 6.10.13. Armlets. 8.9. Sceptres. 12. Earring. 14.17. Fans. 15.16. Drinking-horns. 18.-21. Foot-coverings. 22-19. Vases and other Vessels. 30.31. Sacrificial-Knives. 32.-34. 42.43. Baskets. 35.-41. Musical Instruments. 44. Couch, with table and Candelabrum. 45.-47. Seats. 48. Parasol

Source: Carl Rohrbach, Albert Kretschmer. The Costumes of all Nations from the Earliest Times to the Nineteenth Century: Exhibiting the Dress and Habits of All Classes, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Noble, Military, Judicial, and Civil. H. Sotheran, London 1882.

Illustration, damasks, ornament


Note:  Mindanao natives playing the Kutiyapi. Philippines.

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