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Woman from Bern Simmental. Swiss national costumes.

 Bern Simmental, Suisse costumes nationaux. Costumes suisses. Switzerland national costumes.

Woman from Bern Simmental.

Woman from Bern Simmental.

Source: The Swiss national costumes of XVII – XIX century originals. Original recordings from the Swiss costume festival. Zurich 14 March 1896.

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Young boy from Veľké Dvorníky, Slovakia in traditional costume.
Young  boy from Veľké Dvorníky, Slovakia. Veľké Dvorníky  is a village in the Trnava Reg... Read more
20th Century • Embroidery • Hat • Slovakia • Traditional
Embroidery designs • Slovakian National Costumes
Roman man costume. Region Lazio, Italy in 1840.
Eminent Roman man costume. Region Lazio, Italy in 1840. From the book: Nuova Raccolta dei pri... Read more
Italy • Traditional
Traditional Italy national costumes
Sumatra Pencak costume. Popular dance and martial arts.
Sumatra Pencak costume. Pencak Silat is a martial art from Southeast Asia with its center in Indo... Read more
19th Century • Asia • Traditional
Indonesian costume
Dancing the Tarantella by Bartolomeo Pinelli
Tarantella by Bartolomeo Pinelli The Tarantella is a folk dance from southern Italy. It is a... Read more
1820 • 19th Century • Italy • Traditional
Bartolomeo Pinelli • Dance costumes • Traditional Italy national costumes
Costumes of Inhabitants of Little Russia, Ukrainian
Costumes of Inhabitants of Little Russia, Ukrainian 1840. From the Book: Manners, customs and co... Read more
1840 • 19th Century • Traditional • Ukraine
Auguste Wahlen • Ukrajna national costumes
Peasant woman from Hunedoara Transylvania.
Peasant woman from Hunedoara Transylvania. (Tărancă din Hunedoara, Transilvania.) Gall... Read more
Romania • Traditional
Embroidery designs • Traditional Romania costumes
Chief Sereedoghee at Rangoon, Burma.
A Chief Sereedoghee at the Court of Amarapoorah, Rangoon, Burma. Source: Journal of a Resid... Read more
Asia • Burma • Traditional
Traditional Myanmar dress
Traditional German Thuringia Brotterode costume.
Traditional German Thuringia Brotterode costume. Gallery: "Sheets for costume design: historical ... Read more
19th Century • Germany • Traditional
Lipperheide • Traditional German Costumes

Women`s and child costumes from South Beveland

Netherlands traditional costumes. Womens clothing and Children's dress

South Beveland, Zeeland.

Traditional Dutch costumes from South Beveland, province of Zeeland.

Traditional Netherlands Costumes by Gratiane de Gardilanne and Elizabeth Whitney Moffatt; Published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., London 1912.