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Incroyables and Muscadins.


Incroyables. Muscadins. Dandies. France revolution costumes.

The Incroyables and Muscadins.

The Incroyables and Muscadins.

The French directory dandies.

Monarchical reaction – Incroyables and Muscadins — Tape-durs— The Café Carchy — The “Requisition” — Political clubs — The “Petit Coblentz” — Intrigues and lampoons — Louis Ange Pitou, (Pitou l’Auxerrois)

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Fashion under the French Revolution 1789 to 1802.


 Incroyable and Merveilleuses. French revolution fashion.

Incroyable and Merveilleuses at the Promenade by F. H. Kaemmerer

Fashion under the French Revolution & Directoire Period 1789 to 1802.

Table of content.

1789 Fashion in Paris before the taking of the Bastille – Mademoiselle Berthin – 1791 Fashion under the French Revolution – 1794 Fashion reverts to the Greek and Roman period – Disappearance of Louis XVI costumes – Paleness in vogue – Beauties à la Psyche – Varieties of hair-dressing at the commencement of the Directoire – Perruques came into fashion – The painter David, the revolutionary painter apostate – Debate on reformation costume – The Cothurn – The “Merveilleuses” – Greek robes – Roman dresses – Copé, the noted shoemaker

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Incroyable with bicorne hat.

French revolution costumes. France Directory fashion. Incroyables. Merveilleuses.

French revolution costumes. The mysterious conversations.

The mysterious conversations. France Directory costumes c. 1790.

La conversation mystérieuse. Costume Directoire. Incroyable with bicorne hat and Merveilleuses.

 Louis XIV. , Louis XV. , Louis XVI., Baroque, Rococo, Directoire, French Revolution, Regency, Empire, Restoration or Romanticism fashion era. German Biedermeier.


  1. The French Fashion History.
  2. Reign of Louis XIV. 1643 to 1715
  3. The Reign of Louis XV. 1715 to 1774.
  4. Reign of Louis XVI. 1780 to 1789.
  5. The French Republic 1789 to 1802.
  6. Timeline of the French Revolution 1789 – 1799.
  7. Les Modes sous la revolution 1792-1799 by Paul Louis Victor de Giafferri.
  8. Reign of Napoleon I. 1804 to 1814. France empire.
  9. Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X. 1815 to 1830. Restoration,  Romanticism
  10. Fashion in the Reign of Philippe. 1830 to 1848. Victorian era. Romanticism fashion.
  11. The Second Republic. 1848 -1851. Victorian era. “Second Rococo”.
  12. The use of the Corset in the reign of Louis XVI.
  13. Ladies hat styles from 1776-1790 by Rose Bertin.
  14. Fashion under the  French revolution 1789 to 1802.
  15. Paris fashion 1793 to 1795. French revolution.
  16. The Execution of the King Louis XVI.
  17. The Execution of Marie-Antoinette.
  18. The Incroyables and Muscadins. The French directory dandies.
  19. Les Incroyables et Merveilleuses. “The Directoire Style” between 1795–1804.
  20. Nymphs and Merveilleuses. By Octave Uzanne.
  21. Fashion in Paris after the Revolution. By Octave Uzanne. 1796-1800.
  22. Portraits by people during the French Revolution
  23. The Gallery of Fashion. by Nikolaus von Heideloff, London.
  24. Comparison of the French and English modes. 1808 to 1815
  25. The Salon of Madame Récamier during the French Revolution.
  26. The Salons of Paris before the French Revolution.
  27. Caraco a´la francaise in 1786.
  28. The Evolution of Modern Feminine Fashion 1786.
  29. Fashion in Paris and London, 1780 to 1788.
  30. Historic hairstyles from Ancient times to the Empire.
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French Directoire costumes 1795 -1804

French Directoire costumes. Merveilleuse, Incroyable. Revolution dresses. 18th century fashion.

Directoire 1795 -1804

French Directoire costumes 1795 -1804

  • 460. Merveilleuse, Chemise gown with train, stockings with clocks, flat shoes, shawl and bonnet, 1796.
  • 461. Incroyable. Coal with wide lapels and turned-down collar, short waistcoat (gilt), light trousers in boots, high neckcloth (cravate), hat with cockade. unkempt hair, and knotty slick, 1796.
  • 462. Merveilleuse, 1796.
  • 463. ‘Creek’ dress. worn by Mme Tallien, 1797.
  • 464. Coat with wide lapels and turned-down collar, tight breeches, short waistcoat, and large cravat, 1796.
  • 465. Chemise gown and sandals, 1796.
  • 466. Greek coiffure, chemise gown and sandals, 1796.
  • 467. Coal, light breeches, high cravat, and top boots, 1796.

Source: Histoire du costume par Henry Harald Hansen. Dessins de Ebbe Susen, Mogens Bryder et Kaj Norregaard. Traduit du Danois par Jaqueline Puissant. Flammarion, Paris 1954.

French and German Fashion. Last third of the 18th Century.

French Revolution fashion. Incroyables and Merveilleuses. German Biedermeier fashion.

Last third of the 18th Century.

French and German Fashion. Last third of the 18th Century.

Top row left to right: French Fashion in 1780. Right: German costume of Werther time. (The literary movement of storm und urge to you, triggered by the epistolary novel – The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
Bottom row left to right: French Revolution fashion. Incroyables and Merveilleuses of the Year in 1794. Right: German Biedermeier fashion early 1800’s.

On the history of costumes. Münchener Bilderbogen. Edited by Braun and Schneider 1860.

Costume Cheveux a l’Enfant. Pantalon de Tricot, Bottes a la Hussarde.

Cheveux a l’Enfant. Dandy Costume. French Incroyables. France directoire, regency era fashion.

Costume Cheveux a l’Enfant.

Costume Cheveux a l’Enfant. Pantalon de Tricot, Bottes a la Hussarde. Chapeau à la Robinson.

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Costume Chevelure à la Charles XII. Culotte Vert d’Eau.

Dandy Costume Chevelure. France directoire, Incroyable. Horace Vernet.

Costume Incroyable. Chevelure à la Charles XII. Culotte Vert d’Eau.

Chevelure à la Charles XII. Culotte Vert d’Eau. Bas à Mailles Coulée.

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