Ancient Egyptian Art. Brockhaus encyclopedia. 14th Edition.

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Egyptian arts

Ancient Egyptian Art.

1 Wooden statue of a man (around 2600 BC). 2 Dagger with bronze blade and ivory handle. 3 Ivory carving (gods scepter and toad). 4 Chair made ​​of ebony intarsia with ivory. 5 The Queen Amenerdas (around 720 BC). 6 Carved wooden spoon with cover (naked woman with lute). 7 Sphinx of red granite (XIII dynasty). 8 Sarcophagus (XIX Dynasty). 9 Golden earrings. 10 Vessel made ​​of faience. 11 Mirror (bronze). 12 Pot in Cypriote style. 13 Painted wood box. 14 Spoon. 15 Cup made ​​of faience (marsh birds). 16 Carved wooden box. 17 Family Group (XIX to XX. Dynasty. 1450-1150 BC).

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Egyptian arts and architecture

1 Sphinx and pyramids at Giza. 2 Temple on the island of Philae. 3 Temple of Edfu, seen from the eastern pylons of. 4 Rock tombs of Beni Hasan.

Source: Brockhaus encyclopedia. 14th Edition.