Bach Tchohadar, Silihtar Aga, Peik, Solak.

Bach Tchohadar, Silihtar Aga, Peik, Solak, Ottoman costumes, Jean Brindesi

Bach Tchohada. Silihtar Aga. Peik, Solak

Bach Tchohadar, Silihtar Aga, Peik, Solak. Ottoman Empire 1856.

Various Ottoman functionaries and military personnel in their traditional costumes.

Plate 21.

Bach Tchohadar, Baş Çuhadar – 1er Valet de Chambre du Sultan (1st Valet of the Sultan).
Silihtar Aga, Silahtar Ağası – Porte-Glaive. Ou porte-épée du Grand Seigneur (Sword Bearer).
Peik, Peyk – Gardes d’honneur (Messenger/Guard of Honour).
Solak – (Archer bodyguard to the Sultan)

Source: Elbicei Atika Musée des Anciens Costumes Turcs de Constantinople, par Jean Brindesi (Artist). Engraver: Jules Mea. Issued: about 1850. Publisher: Lemercier, Paris.

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