Bowl of the finest quality of Kaga ware, Japan.


KO KUTANI AND AO KUTANI. (九谷焼, Kutani-yaki)

Ko-kutani (old Kutani, 古九谷), from the 17th and early 18th centuries.
Ao-kutani also Saikō-Kutani (Revival Kutani), from the resumed production in the 19th century.

Ko, Kutani, Bowl, Kaga, ware, porcelain, Japan, George Ashdown Audsley
Ko Kutani. Bowl of red and gold Kaga ware 17th c. (Kutani factories).

KAGA WARE (Ceramics Kutani factories).

Bowl, Ko-kutani (old Kutani, 古九谷) of Kaga ware, 17th century

by George Ashdown Audsley.

The bowl of red and gold Kaga ware which is illustrated in the Plate, is one of the finest and most beautiful pieces of the manufacture which has been brought to this country. It was obtained in Japan by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, and was exhibited, along with his fine collection of Oriental works of art, at South Kensington Museum, on his return from the East.

Careful and minute as the drawing in the Plate is, it scarcely conveys an idea of the perfect workmanship of the original. The belt of figures round the interior of the bowl forms one of its most striking and characteristic features; but, unfortunately, it has to be much foreshortened in the representation, and accordingly loses in effect. The narrow border above the figures is ornamented with flying cranes; and the medallion in the bottom is filled with tortoises, disporting themselves in water. Chimerical animals amidst clouds, and compartments containing cranes, decorate the exterior of this interesting piece.

The whole decoration is executed in the deep red only met with in the finest quality of Kaga ware, and is richly wrought with gold. Diameter, 9½ inches. Height, 4½ inches.

In the possession of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh.

Superordinate: History of Kutani ceramic. Kaga, Japan.

Source: Keramic art of Japan by George Ashdown Audsley (1838-1925); Lord James Bowes (1834-1899). London : H. Sotheran & co. 1881.

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