The Costume Making Guide: Creating Armor and Props for Cosplay by Svetlana Quindt.

Followed by millions of people from all over the world, master armor maker Svetlana Quindt aka "Kamui Cosplay" will help you bring your cosplay dreams to life with your own two hands! Kamui Cosplay deconstructs the work that goes into making a complete costume, from the first thought to the final photo. Tutorials cover design planning, fabricating body armor, 3D painting techniques and more.

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Burgundy fashion 15th century. France nobility 1480.

Burgundy, fashion, 15th century, medieval,
France nobility 1480

Burgundy fashion 15th century.

France nobility, 1480.

Figure of the Burgundy fashion. The Burgundy fashion lasted throughout the 15th century until the fall of the country as a result of the Burgundy Wars (1477). Burgundy, as a nation covered the northern part of France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and exerted a great political, economic and cultural influence on neighboring states. It was the slow passing of chivalry that celebrated the grand courts of Burgundy, one last time, his grand entrance.

First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner's Guide by Editors Of Creative Publishing

Filled with detailed descriptions of materials and tools, the easy step-by-step instructions for all the basic sewing techniques will have you creating projects like aprons, pillows, and even pants and shorts in no time.

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During this time, slowly loosened the dress code at the court of France. Status and rank of the people was no longer seen solely through the clothes. On the contrary, began a real competition of the modes between the nobility and the citizens of the cities.

The dress code was aimed to create a vertical, long line. During this time, you see many buttons, not only as a decorative style funds. It was the birth of lean fashion, the ideal of measure clothing.