Canton Zurich. Swiss costumes.

Canton Zurich, Suisse costumes nationaux. Costumes suisses. Switzerland national costumes.

Swiss costumes from the canton of Zurich, 18th Century.

Canton Zurich. Swiss costumes.

Beginning of the 18th Century.

Top row left: student, citizen, alderman and Junker.  (Baroque clothing.) Right: Women’s costume, nobles woman in mourning clothes, Miss costume in the house, lady with the rose hood.
Bottom row left: Riding habit, even at weddings in use. Bourgeois women’s costume on festive occasions. Miss and female dress worn in addition to the home. Woman dress in church clothes. Right: Peasant costumes.

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Source: On the history of costumes. Münchener Bilderbogen. Edited by Braun and Schneider 1860.

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