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Russians in Siberia. Ethnic groups in 18th century

Solemn Oath. Traditional Russia costumes. Siberia Ethnik dresses

A Tunguzian taking a Solemn Oath

Russians in Siberia. Ethnic groups in 18th century.

A Tunguzian taking a Solemn Oath. Russians Travelling with Dog Sleads in Siberia. Mongolian Lady and Priest. Burattians Hunting.

From the book: ‘Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca’, or ‘A Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels’ by John Harris’s. Commissioned under King George II of England, published in London, 1745.

Russia Kureck woman in 19th century.

Kureck Sakian Kurgans. Kazakhstan costume. Traditional Russia clothing. Ancient Asia dress

Russia Kureck woman.

 Russia Kureck woman in 19th century.

Sakian kurgans in Kazakhstan. Steppe nomads (Scythians, Sakas). The Sakas were an Iranian-speaking nomads in Central Asia.

Gallery: Asian costumes by Auguste Wahlen. Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world.

Mongol Tatar prince in 1840

Mongol Tatar prince costume. Feodor Iwanowitsch. Traditional Asian Mongolian clothing

Tatars prince – Feodor Iwanowitsch

Mongol Tatar prince and Feodor Iwanowitsch in 1840.

From the book: Natural History and pictures of the people and the different races and tribes according to the latest discoveries and most exquisite original research, edited by HR Schinz. Honeggersche Lithographic Institute, 3. Advanced ed. 1845 Zurich.