Costumes of all countries by Alexandre Lacauchie

Costumes Chinois. Alexandre Lacauchie. Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays.

Costumes from China

Costumes of all countries by Alexandre Lacauchie 1850s.


Source: Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays. Par Alexandre Lacauchie. Paris. Maison Martinet. Haute Cœur frères 41, Rue Vivienne et 146, Rue de Rivoli 1850s.


  1. Tyrolean national costumes 1835.
  2. Souvenir de L’Exposition Universelle de Vienne.
  3. Costumes of Japan and Java.
  4. Historical Asia costumes by Auguste Wahlen.
  5. Historical and folk costumes by Franz Lipperheide.
  6. The costume of Turkey. Ottoman Empire 18th century.
  7. Traditional Dutch national costumes.
  8. Traditional French national costumes.
  9. The Switzerland national costumes of 17th – 19th century originals.
  10. Folk dresses from Norway, Dutch, Germany and Hungaria.
  11. Mexico by Carl Nebel 1836.
  12. Provincial Russia. Costume and Culture.
  13. Costume of the Russian empire by Edward Harding.
  14. Serbian national costumes by Vladimir Kirin.
  15. Historical European costumes by Auguste Wahlen.
  16. The Highlanders of Scotland, 1870.
  17. Costumes and scenery of Afghanistan.
  18. Views of Darjeeling: With typical native portraits and groups.
  19. Africa, the landscape and the people 1931.
  20. Historical costumes from Africa, America and Oceania.
  21. Traditional folk costumes of Italy and France in 1821.
  22. The Serbs in the Adriatic. Their types and costumes 1870-1878.

List of Plates:

  • Costumes from French Imperial.
  • Costumes from Portugal.
  • Costumes from Basques
  • Costumes from Netherlands Dutch.
  • Costumes from Norway.
  • Costumes from Crimean Tatars.
  • Costumes from Armenia.
  • Costumes from Tyrol.
  • Costumes from Turkey
  • Costumes from Mexico
  • Costumes from India
  • Costumes from Finland
  • Costumes from Moorish
  • Costumes from Romania
  • Costumes from Russia
  • Costumes from China
  • Costumes from Scotland
  • Costumes from Brittany
  • Costumes from Spain
  • Costumes from Hungary
  • Costumes from Switzerland
  • Costumes from Greece