Boxing Scenes by George Wesley Bellows.

Boxing Scenes during the 1920s by George Wesley Bellows.

  • Preliminaries to the Big Bout. Madison Square Garden New York 1916.
  • Counted Out, (K.O. The Last Count) 1921
  • Training Quarters (Taking on in the Stomach) (Willard, the Champion in Training, N.Y.C.) 1916

George Wesley Bellows 1882 -1925 was an American painter, draftsman and lithographer, known especially for his paintings of urban life in New York. He was one of the main representatives of the American Realism of the early 20th century. 

He was a student of Robert Henri who was among the one of the founders of the Ashcan School. Bellows got involved in this kind of painting and inspiration and took over the philosophy of his teacher, which should lead to a typical American and democratic art, and thus was contrary to the ideals of American Impressionism. The scenes are an example for the transition from the Victorian period through to American Modernism.

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