German girls and boys fashion in 1915.

German boys and girls dresses, costumes, vintage fashion in 1910s.

German School class 1910s

German girls and boys fashion in 1915.

School class with girls and boys. Some of the girls wear dresses with plaid, dots or other patterns. For this purpose, a white blouse with large collar flutter, often with embroidered border. The hair is usually attached or tied in a bow hair. A few have tied their hair into plaits at the turn loops are tied. The boys wear their hair very short. The clothing shows elements of sailor suits to military-like jackets with double-breasted button placket. You have to remember that in Germany, for one year, during the First World War is, and influenced the then-war enthusiasm of the masses, even the style of clothes.
One of the teacher wears a dress to English cylinder. The other teachers have a broad hat, white shirt and black jacket to.

Note:  Renaissance children dress 16th century
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