Haute couture dresses by Redfern and Jenny 1915.

Haute couture dresses Redfern, Jenny. Le style parisien. Art deco fashion magazine. French parisiennes Gatsby collection

Dress from Redfern and Jenny.

Haute couture dresses by Redfern and Jenny. Le style parisien 1915.

Dress from Redfern`s in ” bleu de France ” corded silk nice pink rose at the side. Clichés Taponier, Beer.

House frock from Jenny`s in white talamophine, embroidered tulle apron. Gold Waisbelt knotted in front under the taille. Clichés Beer, Style Parisian.

Gallery: Le style parisien. Supplément du ” Style Parisian ” No 3. Le Directeur – Gérant: Lucien Vogel.

Note:  Ensembles of Bernard & Cie and Ardanse.
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