Hellenes, Pelasgian costumes, 19th century.

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Hellenes, Pelasgian.

Hellenes, Pelasgian costumes, 19th century. Grecian Race.

1. Shepherd of Arcadia in holiday dress. 2. Peasant – Environs of Athens in holiday dress. 3. Woman of Trikeri in Thessaly. 4. Woman and Child from the Island of Hydra. 5.6. Man and Woman from the Island of Crete.

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Source: The Comprehensive Atlas and Geography of the World. “Races of the World”. Drawn by J. L. Williams. Engraved by A. Portier. Printed by Blackie & Son London, Glasgow & Edinburgh 1886.

Related: “On the history of costumes”. Münchener Bilderbogen (Munich pictures sheets). Published by Braun & Schneider, Munich c.1858 -1898s.

Note:  Katharina Botzaris in Greek costume 1841
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