Hellenes, Pelasgian costumes, 19th century.

Hellenes, Pelasgian, Fustanella, traditional, costumes,19th, century,
Hellenes, Pelasgi.

Hellenes, Pelasgian costumes, Grecian 19th c..

1. Shepherd of Arcadia in holiday dress. 2. Peasant – Environs of Athens in holiday dress. 3. Woman of Trikeri in Thessaly. 4. Woman and Child from the Island of Hydra. 5.6. Man and Woman from the Island of Crete.

Source: The Comprehensive Atlas and Geography of the World. “Races of the World”. Drawn by J. L. Williams. Engraved by A. Portier. Printed by Blackie & Son London, Glasgow & Edinburgh 1886.

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