Italian Fabric design 15th century. After Fra Angelico.

Italian fabric renaissance. 15th century fabrics design at Louvre. Submission by Fra Angelico.

Italian Fabric XV Century

Italian Fabric design 15th century. After Fra Angelico 1395–1455. Early Renaissance period.

Italian school. Fabric with four tones. At the Louvre museum. Size of the execution. After a submission by Fra Angelico. XV Siècle. École Italienne. Grandeur d’execution. Au museum du Louvre. Tissu a quatre tons. D’après Fra Angelico.

The old masters and more particulary the Italian masters of the XVth and XVIth century have often remarkably treated the tissues with which they robed the figures of their paintings. Nothing easier than to give the geometrical plan of these patterns as we have done in the above drawing.

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