Jacqueline de la Grange 1408

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Jacqueline de la Grange 1408

Jacqueline de la Grange 1408, in burgundian fashion.

Jacqueline de la Grange, Femme De Jean de Montagu, d’après Gaignières, 1408

Gallery of famous French women, 15th century.  Jacqueline de la Grange, wife of Jean Montagu, Grand Ministre under Charles VI of France. Jean de Montaigu married J. de La Grange, daughter of Étienne de La Grange, President of the Parlement of Paris, and Marie du Bois. Their son was Charles de Montagu.

“Modes et Costumes Historiques“. Drawing by Xavier Willemin. Edited and steel engraving by Hippolyte Louis Emile and Polidor Jean Charles Pauquet. Published by Cassell, Petter & Galpin London, 1864

Illustration Galan, middle ages, b/w,

Note:  Godfrey of Bouillon. First King of Jerusalem.
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